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Itching for Indy

Itching for Indy published on No Comments on Itching for Indy

Anyone else in that fatigue point right now where it’s just really, really difficult to come up with positive thinking stuff to do with politics?  I had no cartoon last week, the first time that’s happened since I’ve begun, and today’s one is late, simply because I’m struggling to stay positive right now, and I really want to keep these cartoons positive if I can.

Anyway, I like this idea, I’m thinking of doing a few strips with these two guys, that could be a little fun.

Tory Sports Day

Tory Sports Day published on No Comments on Tory Sports Day

First of all, I really can’t believe fox hunting is even a thing that is being discussed again.  As in, I thought this was sorted.  The only discussion we should be having on it is how we can make that ban more strict, not whether we should have one at all!

Second of all…
Download and print A4 & A3 versions 😉

What’s wrong little unionist?

What’s wrong little unionist? published on No Comments on What’s wrong little unionist?

This one took a few days to prepare, but if you want to believe I managed to throw it together since the BBC News announcement on the battle bus, I am happy to let you believe that I’m that good! 😉