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Naughty Unicorn – Unstoppable Force
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ReadingEvil Dr. Eye is a webcomic by A. P. Barratt, that’s me.  Most people just call me Andy.  The main character, a guy with an eye for a head, was the creation of frustration and defiance in an art class at the age of fourteen.  I could draw an eye just great, but on the demands of my art teacher to “draw the rest of him now,” I just stuck a little cartoon body underneath.  I did not get along with my art teacher.  I did not pass art class.  Fourteen years later, and Evil Dr. Eye continues to be my go-to point for doodles, so I’ve decided to turn him into a comic.

The comic is autobiographical in some ways, depicting my observations and frustrations with the world, and not autobiographical in almost all other ways.  If I do draw a self-portrait, though, I draw Evil Dr. Eye.

Some may question that Evil Dr. Eye doesn’t seem very evil.  Some day, I may answer these questions.

I can be found on Twitter at @apbarratt, or you can follow the actual comic on Twitter and Facebook using the links found at the top of this site.

Anyone wishing to email me, may do so at the following email address: andy (at) barratt (dot) scot

People are welcome to leave comments and discussion on this site, just don’t be a dick about it and we’ll all get on fine.  But if I delete something and you don’t like it, it’s my site so [blows raspberry] 😉